mercredi 5 février 2020

  1. The Little Prince was born in Morocc
  •  ... Antoine Saint Exupery, author of "The Little Prince" and faithful lover of Morocco ... mediator in negotiations between Spaniards and native tribes. “I lived in the Sahara. I dreamed, too, after so many others, with his magic. Anyone who has known life in the Sahara, where apparently everything is mere loneliness and helplessness, cries those years, in spite of everything, as the most beautiful ones he has had to live ”… were his words In 1927, after having traveled the Toulouse-Casablanca and then Casablanca-Dakar lines for half a year, he was assigned to Cabo Juby, in the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, next to the Sahara. Those years lived were the inspiration of that incredible story of the little prince. In Tarfaya, since 2004, the Saint-Exupéry Museum is built, recalls the role of Saint-Exupery in Morocco.

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