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Our VIP voyages offer the same culture, historical adventures, however all our accommodations are 5 star hotels/riads, where you can enjoy a nice afternoon at the swimming pool after a sunny travelling day. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you every step of the way in order to have the full 1001 nights experience.

Luxury Trips in Morocco / VIP Desert Sahara Trips in Morocco. For your perfect vacation to Merzouga desert in Morocco you can either choose one of our tour itineraries. Save on holiday travel & accommodation packages with us.

Personalised Morocco Tours is a Moroccan company which organizing manay tours from all imperial cities in Morocco with experiences guides they feel the soul of the earth.

The magnificent orange desert of Morocco is most probably the highlight of all our excursions. It can be seen from the main road heading to Merzouga and due to its flat terrains it is especially perfect for a drive in a 4×4 car. On the other hand, a more traditional way to experience it is by camel desert trekking. Either option will will offer it by guided tours.

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