mercredi 5 février 2020

The Berber Man Moha 

| Routes 4 × 4 trails and roads in Morocco - desert trips If you are a traveler who does not like crowds, who prefers to isolate
themselves and places of difficult access, which sometimes does not appear on maps, then choose a 4×4 route. These trails and roads are not known places and little visited, with the interest of having natural beauty. They are technical routes with tracks and sand, but really worthy experience. More pleasure is often found in reaching places that are less accessible. There are also some routes through the famous black desert (without
dunes) and the Iriki Lake area, which has been the stage of the Paris-Dakar. Places where speed can be a very subtle ingredient for a trip. For this route you can choose between the car Moha  or you can bring your vehicle and have the pleasure of driving, or Moha  he uses to accompany you while enjoying the landscape and the road

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